Twenty-Five Years A. R. Rahman – Wembley, London Concert

​ “The meaning of life is to find your gift, but the purpose of life is to give it away.” A. R. Rahman completes twenty-five years as a composer this year since his debut soundtrack “Roja” in 1992. He chose to perform for the U.K. audience in Wembley, London over a week ago and I

Mohenjo Daro Music Review

Mohenjo Mohenjo A voice inaugurates this song followed by multiple backing voices, one of which could possibly be Ashutosh Gowarikar. Everyone behind this track definitely give the impression they had the time of their life whilst recording and this aspect just gracefully shines through. This level of happiness truly reflects a world free of stress,

Chali Kahani – The Story Will Continue!

Before human Life came into existence, there were various other things residing in our world which still remain complex and beautiful and these are minerals, stones and rocks, vegetation, insects, fish, reptiles and birds. Whether these former things came from the same source or were created separately is under dispute however it is evident that

Tamasha – A. R. Rahman, Irshad Kamil Music Review

Music: A. R. Rahman Lyrics: Irshad Kamil A. R. Rahman teams up with Irshad Kamil for the sixth time, they both have reinvented Bollywood music in their own rights and together always come with a wind of fresh air, new flavours and a packet of surprises. “Tamasha” has nine songs of which one is an instrumental and

Appreciating Rahman Ji’s fans from all over

Saw a random person reading the souvenir booklet from this year’s ARR London Concert on the tube today. I wish I had the confidence to approach them and have a chit chat but now looking back at the situation I don’t really have any regrets. I got my answer, it’s some kinda musical connection or

Raunaq – A.R. Rahman, Kapil Sibal Music Review

After “Zubeidaa”, “Tehzeeb” and “Highway”, “Raunaq, A Coversation of Music and Poetry” ends up being A.R. Rahman’s fourth woman centric album and whilst the former three are film related the later is not. “Raunaq” is a precious piece of work and this is evident in the names that have contributed to this project: Indian politician,